Award winning day ticket Carp fishing in Essex

Here’s all you need to know about us here at Crowsheath Fishery…

We are Award winning and one of the best day ticket carp fisheries in Essex. The lakes are set in a 110 acres of farmland and rolling countryside but still close enough to the towns to be able to have a choice of takeaway foods delivered. There is plenty of secure floodlit parking that is watched over by CCTV as well as having 24 hour bailiffs. We have a male and female toilet and shower block and have clean drinking water taps for the use of our customers. We also offer a pick up service from the car park to your swim and back again for a small cost when the ground permits. There are 3 fishing lakes at present and are as follows:

Carp Fishing EssexMain 8 1/2 acre specimen carp and pike lake: The lake has depths from 3 foot to 10 foot in places with some shallow far margins around the 2 large islands, the lake is packed with underwater features like bars, holes, reeds, deep water and open water. so whatever your style of fishing, we have got it covered. The lake was originally dug in 1999 and was predominantly a members only water until 4 years ago, but now its predominantly a day ticket lake with limited membership. The lake has produced carp up to 42lbs in the past with 7 known and named 30+lbs fish with a good head of 20s to back them up. The average size of the carp are mid to upper doubles and we actively manage the fishery by taking out most of the smaller fish to grow on in our stock ponds before growing into a double figure carp, and then being re introduced back into the main lake. So you would be unlucky to catch a single figure carp from the lake although it does happen sometimes. Mandarin Catfish CrowsheathThere is also a good head of pike to mid twenties to keep you busy during the winter and to help control the smaller species in the lake. We are known for the quality and condition of our fish which is all down to the way that the fishery is managed and by having strict and sensible rules on fish welfare equipment and tackle. Its not an easy water and can test the most experienced angler but can be more often than not be very rewarding.

Pike fishing at CrowsheathCatfish Canal: The lake has depths of up to 8 foot in the middle and been established as a catfish water for nearly 3 years. The lake benefits from a wall of conifers and a large grassed bank on the other side to shelter you from the weather. The lake has a good head of large catfish up to 92lbs and currently holds the UK’s largest mandarin catfish which has tipped the scales at 72lbs in the past. The bottom of the lake is made up of clay and silt with some weed patches and has lots of marginal features on both sides.

Match & Carp Lake: The lake has depths from 4 to 9 foot around the central island and holds around 150 carp to over 10 pound with hundreds and hundreds of roach, rudd, perch and tench. The lake and can hold a maximum of 16 anglers at a time and is perfect for match anglers and carpers who just want a bend in their rod. There are overhanging trees and reed lines to cast your baits to as well as some other underwater features too.

Crowsheath Fishery

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