Memoirs of a Crowsheath Carper

For years I have been driving past Crowsheath on my daily commute and always thinking I’ll have to have a look at that fishery, but never seeming to find the time. Then one day at the begging of April 2012 I finished work early and made the effort to stop and satisfy my curiosity.

By the time I had finished walking round the main lake I was saying to myself, why hadn’t I done this years ago, I need to fish here. As I was ending my lap of the lake I met the fishery manager, Nick Kearsey and his brother Tom.

This is when I knew one hundred percent that I would be casting a baited hook into Crowsheath. To hear them answering my questions, which they had been asked a million times before, with such Enthusiasm was amazing. I remember thinking that this isn’t just another, these people care!

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