Catch Report Update – September 2015

Paul 24lb Linear

8th September

After a week off, Golden Spools is straight back on the fish with this stunning Linear at a new weight of 24lbs. Caught on a pink Crowsheath pop up from the close margin outside the bailiffs hut. The last recorded weight was 21.8lb for ‘The Lin’ so she’s definitely been putting on the pounds recently. Top angling mate!


Darren 24lb Common


10th September

Darren seems to be getting the hang of this fishing lark. Another 24lb common from mid water outside the bailiffs hut. Caught using the 14mm brown Crowsheath Specials topped with corn on a Deception size 8 TWG hook, aligners and leader.



Darren 18.8lb MirrorDarren 21lb Common

15th September

Four fish for Darren in 24 hours including these two beauty’s. An 18.8lb chunky mirror and a 21lb common. Both fish were caught on the Specials and from half way up the north bank going into open water but only casting a rod length or two out.


Curly 23.8lb Common


18th September

All smiles for Curly. Not long after getting the rods out Curly banks himself this mint 23.8lb common. Caught from tight to the first island using a Deception size 8 D-Crank and a Crowsheath Special pink water. Top Bombing Curly!


Darren 25lb Common


30th September

Three fish for Darren in the last 24 hours including this immaculate chunky common at 25lb which is a new Crowsheath PB for Darren! Caught from peg 19 on the south bank this time, casting into open water where he had spotted the fish roll once about 2 hours before hand. This fish again fell to the Crowsheath Specials topped with pink corn using a size 8 Deception TWG and aligners. Top bombing mate!


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Catch Report Update – August 2015

Nick 23.8lb MirrorNick Mirror

6th August

A couple of nice mirrors up to 24.8 pound for Nick over the past 12 hours. Both caught out of the margin using a Deception Angling size 8 D-Crank hook tied KD style and a MAD Baits Crowsheath Mk2 special hookbait garnished with a pink pop up.



Nick 23.8 Common

10th August

Another cracking result out of the margin for Nick at 23.8 pounds! Caught on a Deception Angling size 8 CRK hook and a MAD Baits Pink Crowsheath Special topped with fake corn. Was no further than 6 foot from the rod tip, laid down nice and neat with seriously slack lines and a few handfuls of bait scattered up and down the margin. Top bombing!


Darren 16lb


12th August

What a little cracker!! 16 pound of immaculate linear mirror caught from close in using a Deception Angling size 8 TWG and a MAD Baits Crowsheath special. A definite fish for the future. Hopefully this one will break the 20+ barrier the next time its caught again. Top bombing Darren



Curly 22lbNick 20lb Mirror

21st August

Left – Curly with a mint 21lb common caught from open water at the top end of the lake. Right – Nick with a cracking 22lb mirror,caught again from open water on the Crowsheath Specials.



Darren 19lb MirrorPaul 12lb Mirror


Left – Darren with a chunky 19lb mirror. Caught from one of his favourite swims on the North bank in front of the blood worm bed. Right – Golden Spools with a 12lb beauty fishing next to Darren in open water. Both fish fell again to the Crowsheath Specials.

Tony 23lb Common


21st August

Big thanks to Tony Arnold for sending in this one via our website. Tony caught this mint 23 pound common out of the margins on his first trip here, and said he will return soon. Top angling fella!




Curly 21lb & 18lb CommonDarren 17lb Mirror

23rd August

The new Crowsheath Specials Wafters have arrived in style! 6 fish in total with Curly banking himself a brace up to 21lb (left). Both on the new pink wafter dumbells whilst Darren (right) bags another stunning 17lb linear, all from the new Crowsheath range from MAD Baits and Deception Angling end tackle.


Darren 24.4lb Common


25th August

Great start to the day for Darren. A new Crowsheath PB at 24.4lb. An immaculate common caught on the Crowsheath Specials & a size 6 D-XCurve Deception Angling hook. Top bombing Bal!



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Catch Report Update – July 2015

Jason 23.11lb common


3rd July

Jason with the Sargent and a new P.B 23.11 pound from under the rod tip. Using his new rig with a Deception size 6 Curve and krill bottom bait. Well in fella, top dangling!!

Lee 22.12lb common




9th July

22.12 pound for Lee, sneaked out of the margins on his usual secret bait. Lee fishes here almost every evening for a couple of hours and has caught so many nice fish, but trying to get a photo from him is almost impossible. So enjoy this little beauty! Well done fella

Mel 12.8lb mirror



Mint little Mirror at 12.8 pound for Mel at sunrise on her new Deception rigs using a size 8 TWG and a Seb Special hook bait.


Paul 23lb common



11th July

Paul Golden with a well deserved 23 pound common. Caught on a pink pop up fishing the far margin.


Deano fully scale mirror


17th July

Deano with a mint fully scaled mirror caught off the far margin on corn. What a stunner, Top bombing fella!



Mike 75lb Catfish


20th July

If this is not the best advertisement for an angling coach, I don’t know what is? Angling coach, Mike Salisbury brought Darren Glover over for his first cat-fishing session on the cat canal and ended up banking a 75lb catfish within 2 hours!

Darren 20.8lb common

24th July

Bailiff Darren with a lively 20.08 pound common caught from the close margin on the Crowsheath pink specials and a Deception Angling size 8 Curve hook.


Curly 22lb common


26th July

22 pound common for Curly caught from the middle of open water on Crowsheath Specials topped with a tutti fruity. It has been fishing hard this week for Darren and this one was well deserved with a new Crowsheath P.B too. Top bombing!!


Curly 22lb Mirror


31st July

22 pounds of pure perfection for Curly. Caught off the far margin on Crowsheath specials with a Deception Size 6 Curve hook tied KD style. Nice one Darren!!



Send us your catch reports to: and you could find yourself on next months wall of fame!


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Catch Report Update – June 2015

June was a busy month for us as we had Seb & Dennis from Carp Lounge & Pete from Deception angling coming to do us a brand new promotional video which will feature aerial drone shots of the lakes in 4k and a 3D contour map of the main lake. You can now check out the new promotional video & see how the boys got on. The video can be seen on the front of our website, YouTube or our Facebook page.

Nick 21.8lb mirrorSeb 14lb mirrorDennis 19.8lb Mirror


Paul 22lb mirror2nd June


7 carp in 24 hours for Member Paul Golden. Braving the harsh conditions and being rewarded with this cracking 22lb ghosty mirror. Top bombing golden spools!


Matt 21.8lb common


17th June

A mint common showing off for the camera for Matt. The fish came in at 21.8 pound and was caught on his new rig using a Deception size 6 curve and particle on the hair.


Paul 14lb mirror



29th June

Only a small one for Paul at 14 pound, but definitely a future stunner to look out for!




Send us your catch reports to: and you could find yourself on next months wall of fame!

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Catch Report Update – May 2015

As well as Matt’s brace of carp below, May turned out to be a pretty good month with plenty of fish on the bank. Here’s a few that were sent in to us.

Andy 21.8lb

2nd May


Bailiff Andy managed to bank 3 fish over the weekend including a new PB at 21.8lb. Caught from his favourite bay using a Sticky Signature pink pop up.


Bob 22lb



11th May

Thanks to Bob for sending us this immaculate 22lb beauty. Caught off the bottom in peg 1.


Don 23.4lb


17th May

Member Don with a wake up call of 23.4lbs. Wakey-wakey Don!




Paul 26.8lbPaul 25lb


21st May

Member Paul Bayly with a brace of mid twenties. Right – A hard fighting 26.8lb Common. Left – A mint 25lb common. Both caught using Sticky Baits Krill pop ups off the far margin.


Toby 23lb


25th May

Toby with a cracking 23lb common on a quick day session in peg 3.


Matthew Huxley 18lb



26th May

Matthew Huxley with a fully scaled 18lb mirror. Fishing with his dad on the point using pink krill pop ups.


Gareth Morris 12lb



31st May

TF Gear’s Gareth Morris with an immaculate 12lb common caught on his recent trip to the lake. We hope to see Gareth again soon as he mentioned that he was already planning his next carp fishing trip.



Send us your catch reports to: and you could find yourself on next months wall of fame!

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Gareth Morris – Fishtec Sales Adviser

Find out how Fishtec’s Sea Fishing Sales Adviser, Gareth Morris from South Wales, got on during his first proper Carp fishing session here at Crowsheath – Carp Fishing On Crowsheath Fishery Essex


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Matt’s Midweek Session

Hi Darren, here’s a few pics of the fish I had from the left-hand bay on the north bank. From Monday night to Thursday morning I had 11 fish from 12lb to 17.8lb.

All these fish were caught on maize or washed out boilies. I was meant to leave Thursday but wanted to try and catch a 20 so decided to stay one more night.

Matt Mirror CarpMatt 17.8lb Common CarpMatt's Midweek Session







Matt 22lb Common Carp


After speaking to you, Nick and Paul I decided to move swims to open water. On nicks advice I baited the ledge with hemp and maize and set my rods. 3am Friday morning my middle rod roared off to a lovely common at 22lb on good old maize. Also had a common at 12lb at 7.30. 16.8lb Mirror Carp

Thanks again for a great week, see you all soon.

Also, here’s a 16.8lb mirror my brother in law caught Thursday on maize.

You can send us your catch report by clicking Here!

During Matt’s midweek session, myself, Nick and member Paul were all fishing the same north bank from the left-hand bay to just off the point into open water. During the week me and Nick had a few fish up to just over 20lb and Paul had 16 fish in total averaging around the 19/20lb mark.

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Carp Fishing Catch Report 21/03/2015

The carp and the cats are definitely on the feed again after the winter months. Over the last week or so we have had four twenties banked, a load of mid to high teens and a few reports of the cats being hooked on the main lake.

Jason 22.8 Common


Firstly, congratulations to Jason Moorcroft with his new PB at 22.8lb. Jason is one of our newest members although he has been fishing here almost every weekend for about the last two years. He had some holiday days to take from work so decided to do a 48 hour mid week session with myself, Nick and Connor, a young lad who is currently with us on work experience. The mid week session certainly paid off and no doubt will try and fit in a few more week days when he can.

Jason 21.2 Common


Jason had a cracking 48 hour session banking four fish in total. He had his new PB at 22.8, a 15, 18 and this 21.2lb beauty fishing close to the reeds in the bay. After hitting two twenties in one session, Jason explained how it has been one of the best starts to a year to date and has definitely given him a good start to the season.

mark 20lb



Another congratulations to Mark with his new PB at 20lb on the nose. Mark was also fishing the same bay as Jason but a week or so before on a washed out pink choddy and managed to land this cracker.

Paul 25lb



Paul Golden strikes again with this mid twenty mirror which fell to the D.T Supafruit. Paul is one of our mid week members and has recently been having some cracking sessions. Paul also had this 20lb mirror (pictured below) as well as some lovely mid to high teens.

Paul Golden 20lb

Paul 19lb Common Carp




Paul Bayly saved a blank this weekend with this chunky 19lb  common. Paul was fishing the car park swim under the willow tree on the island using a bottom bait.



As I mentioned before, there have also been some cracking mid to high teens coming out like these three from Floyd Arundel, Paul Golden & Nick. I only managed to wangle a 10 pounder out this session but it has certainly given me the bug to get out on the bank again soon.

Floyd Arundel 18lbPaul Golden 16lbNick 15lb


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Brace of 20lb Mirror carp

Thanks to Luke & Aaron Laverty for sending us pictures of these two cracking mirror carp for our catch report section.

It was the their first time over here at Crowsheath and were more than eager to get some carp on the bank. Before I had even said anything about were the carp had been coming out from, I found them setup in the swim that Jack White & Louis Smith had recently had five 20lb+ carp from. They were fishing opposite the point swim where you can cast onto the bar that runs between the two islands with some great close marginal shelves and some deeper water in between. They were using identical baits which were Nash amber strawberry boilies. The two lads are brothers and by the looks of the mirror carp they caught, they could be related too! What are the odds of that?

Mirror Carp at 21.2oz

Mirror Carp at 22lb








If you have any captures you would like share with us so we can post them onto our catch reports on the website? Make sure you upload and send them to us with a description, and we will do the rest!

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Nathan Noone – 16lb Pike

This was Nathans first fishing trip to Crowsheath day ticket Pike Lake and was pleasantly surprised. Nathan used a sardine on the bottom to catch the two pike. His first of the day was a small jack pike just over three pound, and his second was a hard fighting speciman at 16 pound. He really enjoyed his day session and  said “Great 1st over to you and will 100% return”

Thanks for sending us you catch report Nathan and well done on a great days fishing on the pike lake.

Pike lake 16lb pike
Nathan’s 16lb Pike
Pike lake 16lb Pike
Nathan’s 16lb Pike













If you have any pictures or catch reports you want to send us from your fishing trips at Crowsheath, please get in touch by submitting it to our gallery.

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