Bailiffs Piece 2015

Another year is over and we are now into January, so I thought seeing as I’m a bailiff, it would be an idea to write a little blog called bailiffs piece about what has happened and what has been going on here at Crowsheath in 2014, and what lies ahead for 2015 too.

It really has been a great season all round with so many great captures of carp, catfish and pike over the year, we have decided to just give you a run down on what has been out and what to look out for in the future.

Our mandarin Wels catfish (Manderjim) has been caught a record 5 times over this season at a top weight of 70lb. There were several other larger catfish caught up to a massive 83 pound too  throughout the season. ‘Bent whisker’ who still lives in the main lake for the time being, has been causing havoc as per usual by ripping rods into the lake and snapping off everybody, and I mean everybody! He was at 96 pound nearly 4 years ago, so i can only imagine what size he is now?

There was  only one carp over 30 pound caught this year which was the only known 30 to be a mirror, the carp has been named ‘Torpedo Mirror’ due to the length of it and the fact it does not have a gut yet, so the name suits it for now at least. There have been a lot of new twenties coming through from what were our upper doubles from the previous years and some mid twenties that are now upper twenties that will soon become our new thirties. There are a couple of upper 20 commons that stand out, but I believe that our next new 30, making a total of 8 over 30 in the main lake, will be one named ‘Demi’ which was last out at 29 pound. This is a really dark mirror carp and has an awesome scale pattern too. So watch out for her over the next year and see if my prediction comes true?

Our pike season is still in full swing with a good few captures for most up anglers to an impressive 18 pound. There have been no 20′s out yet but so far this season, but there is still plenty of time to change that.

There has been so much going on here behind the scenes, and with plenty of things in the pipeline too, like coaching days, lake mapping, British Carp Angling Championships and a huge celebrity charity event and fun day in the middle summer with the Bobby Moore cancer fund and Cancer research U.K.,  so you can rest assure that 2015 is going to be even bigger and better.


For more info and useful blogs about goings on here at Crowsheath, please visit our Bailiffs diary page.

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