Carping for Moore Charity Event

If I said that there was an event here in the summer with fishing, drinking, cheap fishing tackle and prizes involved, all whilst raising money for charity. Would you be interested? if so? Read on and I will tell you all about it.

From the 31st July 2015 – 2nd August 2015 we will be holding a huge charity weekend called Carping for Moore which will consist of a Carp match for adults and juniors, family fun day, BBQ, fast food, Refreshments, Competitions, Raffles and a Tackle market.
Carping for Moore Carp fishing event at the lakes

So far for the carp fishing match we have confirmed a Jonjo celebrity team, from the likes of David Seaman to  Matthew Wright and Bobby Davro. Terry Dempsey has an Urban team and depending on his schedule we may see an appearance from Ali Hammidi as well as others. There is a Team from Bank Bug, a Crowsheath team and of course an Oi Oi Carping U.K Team too. We have space for 2 more teams in the competition, so whether you want to enter your company or group, or just a bunch of mates that want to get involved in this huge event, there is time.

The event is gaining momentum every day and we have just had confirmation that Navitas is now sponsoring the event and a few carp magazines and newspapers will be around too. We have the full support of Cancer Research U.K and the Bobby Moore Fund who will both be helping to run the weekend, so you know that this is not just another charity carp match, its a full on event!

We will be having a fishing tackle market on the Sunday when the competition ends which will be just like a smaller version of a carp show with trade stands from major fishing tackle suppliers as well as 2nd hand tackle section for the general public to donate any unwanted or unused items for sale.

Other attractions on the sunday will be a full on blow up pub complete with a bar and beer garden. Rides for the kids, competitions, auctions and raffles. Food will be available with a variety of fast food options with a huge BBQ at lunch time too. Most importantly there will be plenty of on site parking for everyone on all of the days. There are more things being added almost daily and we will be updating you on a regular basis as and when things happen.

Carp fishing event in EssexTo enter a team and join in on this worthy cause and be able to fish in the competition, or even if you just want to raise some money for a worthy cause and help us add to the total. Each team consists of 5 members and costs £50 entry fee per member. Each team member MUST have raised a minimum of £500, this can be done by self funding or raising the money through other means like through a just giving page etc. There is plenty of time to raise the money as the event is not taking place until the 31st July 2015. It will be a ticket only event which can be purchased in advance online or on the gate as you enter.

Want to know why we are doing this event?
Just over a year ago we had a group of lads called the ‘Oi Oi Carpers’ approach me about having a social on our carp lake. We wouldn’t normally have large groups on the lakes as it can get quiet noisy at times, and being a day ticket water we like to keep noise down to a minimum for the other anglers that fish here. But on this occasion, because Steve who is one of the groups admins, and a close friend to my brother, I agreed to their gathering.

Whilst they were here Steve approached me and asked if a young boy called Jonjo and his mother Donna could come down during the weekend and use my kitchen to serve a meal up for the lads, and that all money raised would go straight to charity. When Jonjo and Donna arrived, straight from another charity fund raiser that morning I might add, I could see from the amount of food they had brought with them that I had literally bitten off more than I could chew and we were going to struggle because of my tiny kitchen. But we cracked on regardless, made the best of a bad situation and managed to get the whole group fed, and a whole lot of money raised for the charity. Whilst the cooking was going on Jonjo and I had a bit of spare time to have a good chat whist playing with my dog, and from that moment I knew that this little boy and his mother were extremely genuine special people. At the age of just 12 Jonjo had raised more for charity than I have earned in my lifetime and is completely all his own doing, his mother just supports him rather than pushing which makes it even more incredible, and for someone that young to be so selfless, completely blew me away. You can read more about what he has been up to so far and also what else he has planned by visiting his website by clicking here.

The Oi oi gathering went extremely well and my concerns about groups with their noise and trouble were a thing of the past. Every single one of them was a perfect gentleman and I really don’t think you could get a better bunch of lads all in one place. So when Steve, Donna and Jonjo suggested a charity carp match the following year I could not refuse, and with over a year to plan, I knew that it would be an event to be remembered.

It was at that point, Carping For Moore was born!

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