Lake Maintenance and Work Parties

Lake MaintenanceDuring the winter when the banks are a lot quieter, it gives us a chance to catch up on some much needed lake maintenance. Over the coming months we will be repositioning most of our swims on our main carp lake to give you have a more defined area of fishing. This applies especially around the two islands where you are fishing on a corner and have an almost triangle shaped swim. This has not really caused too much of a problem over the years because we generally have a great bunch of anglers that fish here, but there has been a couple of shall we say, disagreements. With that in mind, we try to listen to everyones ideas and points of view and there is no harm in trying something new out. We are anglers ourselves and could not be any more passionate about what we do here, so making a decision that will ultimately improve the fishing experience, was no brainer. We will be taking away a couple of swims to give you more space between each angler, although a couple of the swims will be closer together, to give you dedicated double swims for the more of anglers. We will be numbering and naming some of our swims too, so when you are checking availability, ordering food or trying to meet someone on the bank, it will be much easier in the future.

There are a few swims that are starting to get overgrown as the lake matures, but as and when we move the other swims, we will be doing a lot of clearing and cutting down too, so that every swim is fishable and inviting to sling a rod out in. Last year we planted some smaller connifers around the south perimeter of the lake to help a wind breakers. One year on and these little beauties are coming along nicely and will make a significant difference once they mature more over the next couple of years.
If you would like to join our work party team and get some hands on involvement? Follow the link below to a thread in our forum section for you to register your name and availability.

Work Party Forum

For more info and useful blogs about goings on here at Crowsheath, please visit our Bailiffs diary page.

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