Swan Rescue

The swans here are almost as famous as the fishing, and if you have fished here over the years you will have had an encounter one way or another with them. They have become really friendly over their time on the lakes and on many occasions anglers have reported that they woke up with a swan or two in their bivvi waiting for breakfast to be served. They have become part of the family here and know that the bailiff’s are here to help them in their time of need, and many times i have walked out of my door and the swans would be waiting for me to untangle a bit of fishing line or to take out a hook. Because of this bond we have with them, they allow us to handle them without fear of being attacked. So when myself and Darren witnessed the male swan attacking one of his cygnets almost to the point of death, we could not stand back and let nature take it’s course. They are always nipping and biting each other and its almost like watching slapstick comedy when the bunch are all together. But on this occasion the cob was taking it way too far.
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Is this spring or winter fishing?

So far the weather has been fortunately really mild this winter, which means there has been a good few more anglers on the bank than in previous years. It has continued to fish consistently well despite the nights being a little colder and darker. There has been a lot carp on the bank and usually with multiple captures for most anglers. The weather and temperature is playing a massive part in fish behaviour because they are not where they are supposed to be in the water column for this time of the year. Which means they have been feeding more consistently, moving about more and have been in shallower water where it is still nice and warm compared to the rest of the lake.

With the mild start, and mild end too, the carp have had some awesome growth rates this year with some of them packing on 5 pounds throughout the season. This means we have had a nice increase overall to the average weight being caught with a lot of our upper doubles becoming new 20′s. So with that in mind I am expecting to see at least a couple of new ones breaking the 30 pound barrier, and who knows, hopefully a new 40 too?

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The next generation of carp anglers

We are passionate about everything fishing here, and even more so about encouraging the next generation of anglers into our sport. We work alongside many qualified coaches and academies, and today we were joined by one of our regular coaches Nick Watkins. Myself and Darren met them both down on the bank this morning around 9am to start off his lesson and hopefully bank some Crowsheath carp.

Nick introduced me to his new young student Harry Jennings who he was teaching for the day and he told me that he has been working with Harry for a little while now and that he is showing signs of becoming a real natural at fishing. The day started off the usual way with a chat and a cup of tea so we could talk about the swim and what tactics they should be using on their short day session.

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