Carp Fishing Catch Report 19/02/15

It has been fishing extremely hard on our carp fishing lake for the past couple of months with not many fish being caught. This winter season so far we have experienced some real mild periods followed by extreme cold ones and have not had any stability whatsoever. This has affected the 18 pound linear mirror carpfish and the angler alike and has played a major part in the decrease in catch rate. This is because it has been almost impossible to locate the fish when they are not presenting themselves on the surface, and they are not in the deeper water where they are thought to be expected at this time of year. They are somewhere in between and when the lake has depths from 3 foot to 10 foot and the fish are hovering about in mid water, thats a lot of potential area to find a fish in eight and a half acres with  a zig.

That was until recently….. Now there are a few more daylight hours and the temperature is on the rise, we are seeing a huge increase in angler numbers on the banks and subsequently more fish on the bank too! There has been a lot more movement and fish are being caught from all over the lake rather than just in specific areas where they are shoaling up.

Top angling to Josh Roberts who caught a 27 pound common carp last week who unfortunately didnt get a picture, but did get himself a mambership the following day. Paul Golden who is a friend of Josh has been having some success too with some real stunning carp up to 18 pound. proving that its not always about the size of the fish when they look as good as that. Cant wait to see that in a years time when it pushes the 20+ mark.

18 pound common carpPart time bailiff at Crowsheath, Andrew Hearn has caught his first carp of 2015 at a respectable 18 pound from his favourite swim and keeps his 100 percent record of never blanking in the bay. An Essex policeman by the name of Anthony fished the lake for the second time, and within a couple of hours had banked a 26 pound mint common. He took a picture of the fish on his mat as evidence (typical policman) and showed it to me on my rounds. Top angling to Dean Gurton who managed to catch a couple of carp up to 23 pound on a Nash purple patch cork ball out on the bar betweCommon Carp Fishingen the islands.

Just for the record, if anyone who catches a fish over 20 pound, I would get out of my bed in the middle of the night in the pouring rain or snow and take a picture for you quite happily. So in future ring the fishery number or come to the office and we will get your fish photographed for you.

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