Carp Fishing Catch Report 21/03/2015

The carp and the cats are definitely on the feed again after the winter months. Over the last week or so we have had four twenties banked, a load of mid to high teens and a few reports of the cats being hooked on the main lake.

Jason 22.8 Common


Firstly, congratulations to Jason Moorcroft with his new PB at 22.8lb. Jason is one of our newest members although he has been fishing here almost every weekend for about the last two years. He had some holiday days to take from work so decided to do a 48 hour mid week session with myself, Nick and Connor, a young lad who is currently with us on work experience. The mid week session certainly paid off and no doubt will try and fit in a few more week days when he can.

Jason 21.2 Common


Jason had a cracking 48 hour session banking four fish in total. He had his new PB at 22.8, a 15, 18 and this 21.2lb beauty fishing close to the reeds in the bay. After hitting two twenties in one session, Jason explained how it has been one of the best starts to a year to date and has definitely given him a good start to the season.

mark 20lb



Another congratulations to Mark with his new PB at 20lb on the nose. Mark was also fishing the same bay as Jason but a week or so before on a washed out pink choddy and managed to land this cracker.

Paul 25lb



Paul Golden strikes again with this mid twenty mirror which fell to the D.T Supafruit. Paul is one of our mid week members and has recently been having some cracking sessions. Paul also had this 20lb mirror (pictured below) as well as some lovely mid to high teens.

Paul Golden 20lb

Paul 19lb Common Carp




Paul Bayly saved a blank this weekend with this chunky 19lbĀ  common. Paul was fishing the car park swim under the willow tree on the island using a bottom bait.



As I mentioned before, there have also been some cracking mid to high teens coming out like these three from Floyd Arundel, Paul Golden & Nick. I only managed to wangle a 10 pounder out this session but it has certainly given me the bug to get out on the bank again soon.

Floyd Arundel 18lbPaul Golden 16lbNick 15lb


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