New Record Weight Catfish

A massive congratulations to Anthony Pearce and Dave Ing on the capture of a new record weight of our mandarin wels catfish. They set up for a long 72 hour session on our catfish lake on Wednesday afternoon with the hope of banking some cats. It was still early in the season and with the recent spell of cold nights, nobody was expecting much. But there was always a chance as nobody had really fished the lake this year, and spring was also on the doorstep. With their rods being quiet for the whole session with the exception of a guestimate of a 20 pounder being lost at the net, it was looking like the session was going to end with a blank. With the official start of spring arriving on Saturday it was just over an hour into the season at 1:20am when the rod screamed off. Anthony had the fish on for an hour and resulted in Dave having to go waist deep into the water to carry the fish out after it buried its head in a ball of weed. Anthony caught Manderjim using a size 4 cat master hook on 20lb mainline and half a can of luncheon meat.

U.K's Largest mandarin wels catfish

After a lot of concern that the fish might be loosing weight in the canal lake, it has now put those concerns to bed when it tipped the scales at a new record weight of 74.4 pound. The pair said ” thank you for a brilliant 72 hours fishing, we shall return to try and catch the biggun next time”. Manderjim was already the largest mandarin wels catfish in the U.K. and with the new record weight catfish it does not look like anyone will be contesting it any time soon.


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