Lake Map

Welcome to the Crowsheath Fishery lake map, we have uploaded a 2D picture of the map to our page to give you an idea of how all it works. It shows you exactly where the features are and how deep the water is, and can be invaluable information when using zigs or targeting the shallower areas when the carp are in the upper layers of the water. Not to mention it showing you exactly where the deeper areas are for targeting the carp for your winter campaigns. We have always believed that giving you as much information as possible about the lake can and will help you catch carp, which is why we used to give you a print out of the lake map before it became old and out of date with the introduction of new technologies where it became possible to give you a complete picture of what lies underneath the surface. Our bailiffs have been testing it since our Dutch experts (Seb & Dennis) came over to the UK create the lake map this summer, and have had some great result whilst using it already. Please feel free to save the image so that you can view the map offline as we feel that you shouldn’t have to pay for it unlike some other fisheries that will charge you for the privilege.

Crowsheath Fishery Lake MapThere will also be a FREE 3D version of the lake map available before the end of the year that will work on your PC and smartphone with the help of an app like Google Earth or Locus, and will be available to our forum subscribers first before anyone else. So if you haven’t already signed up? get yourself over to our subscribe page to get involved and be one of the first anglers to own it.

Lake Map

For more information on how you can get your own personalised map of any water in the UK from our Dutch experts? head over to our Bailiffs Diary page.

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