Brace of 20lb Mirror carp

Thanks to Luke & Aaron Laverty for sending us pictures of these two cracking mirror carp for our catch report section.

It was the their first time over here at Crowsheath and were more than eager to get some carp on the bank. Before I had even said anything about were the carp had been coming out from, I found them setup in the swim that Jack White & Louis Smith had recently had five 20lb+ carp from. They were fishing opposite the point swim where you can cast onto the bar that runs between the two islands with some great close marginal shelves and some deeper water in between. They were using identical baits which were Nash amber strawberry boilies. The two lads are brothers and by the looks of the mirror carp they caught, they could be related too! What are the odds of that?

Mirror Carp at 21.2oz

Mirror Carp at 22lb








If you have any captures you would like share with us so we can post them onto our catch reports on the website? Make sure you upload and send them to us with a description, and we will do the rest!

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Jack & Louis’s 48 Hour Session

After a shakey start to their session and almost blanking during the first 24 hours, both Jack & Louis were undecided about staying for another night on the banks because it was so quiet. We had seen fish in that area throughout the week and were confident that the fish were still there even though they had stopped showing themselves. We spoke to the boys and gave them a little confidence boost and it was then that they decided to stay for one more night. They were well rewarded over the next 24 hours with a string of five 20′s up to 23.6lb between them both, and Jack has now signed up as a member throughout the winter. All their fish fell to Urban Baits Nutcracker, with most fish coming from off the bar between the two islands. What a cracking session and a very big well done boys! We look forward to seeing what else you can pull out over the coming months.

Jack White - 23.4lb Common
Jack White – 23.4lb Common
Jack White - 21.2lb Common
Jack White – 21.2lb Common
Jack White - 22.8lb Common
Jack White – 22.8lb Common
Louis Smith - 22lb Mirror PB
Louis Smith – 22lb Mirror PB
Jack White - 21lb Common
Jack White – 21lb Common
Jack White - 23.4lb Common
Jack White – 23.4lb Common

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Jimmy and his first fish of 2014

Jimmy 20lb 14ozWell done to Jimmy with his first fish of 2014 weighing 20.14lbs. Looking back at some older pictures of this fish, it has put on nearly 3 pounds in a year! What a stunner!

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