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Salt Brothers PB 34lb 7oz Crowsheath May 2012.

A 4 day session at Crowsheath produces for Glenn a personal best common carp of 34lb 7oz. Plus a review of the Nash Monster Carp Cradle and my Freeview TV.

3 x PB’s 30lb 28lb and six twenties!

You join us at Crowsheath Fisheries in Essex. And what a cracking fishery it is with some stunning fish! In hope of a PB we certainly found one, 3 in fact! We definitely class this as our best session... So far!

Chronicle Fishing Big Carp Magazine Review

A look at team Chronicles brilliant 48 hour session at Crowsheath Fishery for our Big Carp magazine 203 review.

Salt Brothers Crowsheath Carp Fishing Essex, 2014

A nice session at crowsheath lake with my friend Nick, the bailiff and Barry !!, also Youtuber friend Gaz came down as well. Tight lines everyone

My 20lb 8oz Pike from BaitZone Crowsheath Fishery

I had previously tried using sprats at the near end of the lake but with no joy. After a good few hours I moved to the far end of the lake and changed to sardines. I did try whole sardines to begin with but again had no luck so decided to loose the head and try again. I finally caught the Pike on a float ledger rig using a sardines tail.

UK’s Largest Mandarin Catfish

Tony from the C.C.G Caught the U.K's largest Mandarin catfish from our Catfish Canal on 5/9/13 at 3:30pm on half a can of luncheon meat. This was his U.K P.B until he banked a 75lb Catfish hours later. 

Essex Carpers-Episode Three-Crowsheath fishery

Welcome to ECs latest video, Episode 3. Luke went down to Crowsheath fishery for the first time! 

Stocking of the pike lake

The stocking of our new pike lake that was opened on 4th February 2012.

A Fishing Trip with GaZ ( Crowsheath, Essex )

Because of the bad audio due to the high winds, this video is a lot shorter than I would have wanted, but with my waffle maybe thats not a bad thing. A first time trip to a new water sees a few fish on the bank, which is always good when going anywhere new

Crowsheath 1(Return of the Monster Gripper)

Crowsheath fisheries is the venue this time with the long awaited return of the Monster Gripper.There will be a series of vids from this venue coming soon.

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